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Awnings in The Ponds are a great economical way to maintain your property’s temperature low in those harsh summer months. It additionally helps protect the home flooring and furniture from the damaging sun rays. Awnings can be attached to the windows and doors to help you well protected from the sun rays, which would help prevent tanning of the surface and the development of cracks.

Have you heard that awnings not only provide you with the perfect sun shade but also cool down your indoor property by 20 degrees? With this, you wouldn’t need air conditioning service which would help you lessen your costs. Choose now, from our stylish metal patio solutions and achieve a new and exciting entertainment area, with which you can enjoy your stay with family members and close friends.

You can easily get shady outdoors by installing these unique tops on the external walls of your house. These awnings supported by iron posts or rods may be made of various materials including canvas or aluminium. The canvas awnings are usually used at residential building due to their colourful appearance whereas due to their long lasting durability while aluminium awnings are used to create shade at commercial spaces.

Do you know that our awnings are totally customizable? This means that you may select automated, fixed or retractable awnings, depending on your particular needs and preferences. The automatically controlled awnings function with a motor and are operated with a remote control. There are various benefits for selecting aluminium awnings for your property. These are quite easy to set up and last for a very long time. Individuals who have already installed such awnings in Sydney in their residential or commercial properties have mentioned that these structures tend to last for as long as 40 years with very little maintenance requirements. Here are some of the reasons why you should turn to our service here in The Ponds:


A Wide Variety of Available Designs for your Awnings in The Ponds

Solarguard Awnings offers its awnings in a wide variety of patterns and colours, offered by our highly experienced and skilled contractors in The Ponds. Here in Solarguard, all your hard-earned money would not go to waste as we can guarantee the best outcome by using the only best product for you as we are Stratco authorised dealers.

You can select colorbond steel for your home so that it can easily provide you shelter from harsh sun rays. This basic material can be installed easily as it is long-lasting and lightweight.

Here are other high-quality products we offer you might get interested in:

Let Solarguard Awnings Take Care of your Awnings

Are you in urgent need of shade? Need the perfect sun shade to protect your property from the harsh Aussie sun? May it be simple or lavish, Solarguard Awnings can provide just what you’ve been searching for, without throwing away your hard-earned money!

All engineered, designed & manufactured at top-quality levels, Solarguard Awnings is renowned for leading the industry for good reasons. We hold the perfect solutions for those extreme Australian conditions and climate. By simply taking a rapid look at our wide collection of awnings in The Ponds, we are confident that you’ll quickly get inspired. We, at Solarguard Awnings, are ready to provide the leading awnings solutions to your property.

Our wide array of garden shades and roofing designs made for functionality, beauty and durability are all you need. At Solarguard Awnings in The Ponds, we aim to give you the best possible service at the best possible price. Get a no-obligation quote with us now!

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