When building a new home, picking the right kind of roof can be a much more difficult task than many people would believe. Roofs do much more than just serve the purpose of securing the house and its members from environmental and external elements. Roofs may also add additional space, transform your home into a much more energy-efficient one and help enlighten it with natural light. Furthermore, roofs play a primary role in choosing the general style and look of a home.

Gable and dome roofs in Sydney are becoming a very popular option among home-owners. Apart from their attractive looks, they also have various benefits and advantages when compared to other roof types. Gable and dome roofs have got to be considered as a potential roof type when building a new home.

Gable Roofs and Curved Roofs for your New Home

Gable roofs Sydney

gable roofs

Also called peaked or pitched roofs, gable roofs are among the most popular roofs in many countries around the world. They are quite easily recognized due to their triangular appearance.

These roofs have distinctive designs that blend well with the modern and traditional style homes. You can create a spacious feature area which will change your home’s lifestyle. Invest in gable and dome roofs that provide your home further character and value. With various options available with gable and dome roofs, you can mix & match to suit your personal home and landscape.

Gable roofs will very easily shed snow and water, provide additional space for vaulted ceilings and attics, and will allow for further ventilation. Their relatively simple design make them easy to construct and cheaper than the more complex structures.

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Curved roofs Sydney

curved roofs

A dome roof is in fact a polygonal that has an inverted bowl shape. These are modern architectural roof designs that provide great aesthetic appeal and ventilation, which both gable and dome roofs do.

Whether attached to your house or freestanding the modern-appearing dome, this roof type that is also called the curved way is a unique method of complementing your outdoor lifestyle. Gable and dome roofs are both exceptionally beautiful in their design, as well as very durable.

Dome roofs may be built using metal, shingles and even glass. Though, for a dome roof which required less maintenance time, metal is preferred.

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Custom Roof Design Sydney

combination roofs

Combination roofs, unlike the gable and dome roofs, incorporate a unique design using different roofs on one single structure for practical and aesthetic reasons. Keep your imagination running with different combinations of special designs, incorporating flat, domes and gable roofs. All of these designs may be built to custom shapes and sizes with particular engineering specifications.

Using various roofs altogether adds to the architectural interest of the home. It is also a good way to use the best kind of roof for each home section.

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Our Gable And Dome Roofs In Sydney are Second to None!

Solarguard Awnings Sydney has everything under control with a wide variety of durable and specially designed shading systems for outdoors and various gable and dome roofs, with which you can make the absolute most of your home. We bring together the very best in functionality, design and architectural designs with over 10 years of experience in Sydney innovation and technical research. Solarguard awnings Sydney can provide the perfect answers to protecting your property’s outdoor space, thanks to the very best textiles & mechanisms.

The complete range of Solarguard products are designed & made in the best of professional taste and most stringent of quality standards. This infact ensures that only the top gable and dome roofs in sydney are made for our discerning clients throughout Sydney.

Solarguard Awnings Sydney – Years of Wide Success

Solarguard Awnings Sydney have been in the outdoor shade and gable and dome roofs business for over 10 years. These many years of vast experience provide our team a wealth of skills, knowledge, longevity and truthfulness via a professional, honest approach to every single project of gable and dome roofs.

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