An ornamental and freestanding structure often designed with roof beams and rafters for plants to grown against. The aesthetics and use of a Pergola is generally what defrentiates it from a Patio

Pergola Roof Designs & Ideas

“Pergola” is an Italian word that originally meant an outdoor structure designed to support climbing plants. A pergola traditionally is made from wooden beams and rafters but these days can also be made from colorbond steel in a more modern approach. Traditionally a pergola was an ornamental outdoor structure that is free standing and not attached to a home, generally, you would find a pergola in the backyard around the garden.

A modern pergola is often made from steel, such as colorbond and can be an insulated roofing style, open roof, or other similar styles. A modern pergola is generally used these days as a centrepiece of a modern garden that is also used as a family area to enjoy, often a BBQ area and some lounge chairs are a suitable use for a pergola. See below for some examples of our work.


How our Pergola solutions in Sydney can save you money

The harsh Aussie sun can be brutal, contact air conditioning running costs, fans, unshaded areas of the home put pressure for you to get cool. If you have an outdoor area that can be covered with heat-resistant covering then that costs pay for itself over time since you don’t have to stay indoors or you don’t have to keep the air conditioning running all day. On top of that our 15-year guarantee is a testament that you won’t have to worry about anything and that your investment will pay for itself for a long time.

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We came to Solarguard because we were looking for a local tradesman to build our backyard awning. Mark and his team did a fantastic job and we could not be any happier. Everything went to plan and we cannot recommend them enough. Thanks a million!

Mark Hamilton


I am giving this testimonial  as we are more than happy with the work done on our property. We actually had another person start our backyard pergola but never finished it, we had so many issues. Mark came to the rescue. Everything was finished perfectly.

Margaret Jones


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