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Pergola Roofing SydneyWant to make your garden a cosy shaded walkway or do you want to connect an empty open space from your home or office to another building? For the installations you so envisioned for your home, pergola roofing in Sydney from Solarguard Awnings and Sheds can make them possible while turning them both convenient and attractive. Pergolas in Sydney can basically be put on your lawn while grow your favourite wooden vine along its structure to create that fairytale look you have been wanting to get. What is great about pergolas is that compared to green tunnels, pergolas are more permanent features especially due to the modern design materials (including wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, etc.) than the green tunnels of the late Medieval and early Renaissance period. Because of the additional roofing for your pergola, it becomes the perfect sun and rain protection for you. We offer you sunshine-proof pergola roofings as you can see in our webpage, making your outdoor area protected from the harsh rays of the sun so you can make the absolute most of your outdoor area, or an effective way of making you dry outside during rainy seasons. Pergolas are also ideal for your garden, for shading a walkway or passageway, or for sitting areas with multiple large beams.

We have already built many custom awnings for a varying range of customers over a decade for different applications that they demand such as carports, pool shade solutions, etc. We provide you products that are astounding in functionality. We are offering you the best of these kinds of products, particularly pergola roofings here in Sydney.

Here are more of our quality products we sell that you might get ideas from:

Basically, flat roofs are a more practical and affordable way to cover an entryway or outdoor area than the other kinds of roofs with its translucent roofing options available in aluminium and colorbond to help you achieve the perfect lighting for your living space area. The second type of awnings are the opening roofs (also known as retractable awnings) which have a weatherproof option where keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter would only be one click away using a one touch remote.

Truly a great improvisation due to technology and our evolving needs in general. Gable and dome roofs are roofs ideal for all of you who need headroom outdoors or headroom for either your boat or cars. You can either choose between a traditional gable roof or a Dutch gable roof with the adaptability to integrate with other designs.

Lastly, we sell other products aside from roofs particularly sheds, decks, screens and gates that usually have a complete package, with the choice of timber and steel framed decking options. For you customers who value a bit more privacy, we offer you privacy screens in either slats or colorbond of your choice. Certainly, we make products that cover a wide range of high-durable and astounding design shading systems for outdoors. So whatever you buy, we assure you that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If you are worried about the total cost of the project you, feel free to use our online calculator estimator to show you the estimated cost of your project located on every page in our sidebar for your own convenience.

Being around in business for approximately 10 years and building up a life-long relationship with our customers along the way, we assure you that we will continue to provide you with the best customer service experience. We are always available not only during the purchase process but also during the time of your post-purchase, helping you if ever any questions or problems arise so you can be satisfied. All of our services also have a guarantee period which means if there are ever crucial issues, we will be at your doorstep.

Want to get ideas or an inspiration from our awnings collection? Looking for your next renovation investment for your new or existing property? Solarguard Awnings & Sheds can help.

We service all of Sydney including its surrounding suburbs including Strathfield, Eastern Suburb, Castle Hill and Baulkham Hills while dealing with Mark Bonnici who actually has years of experience behind him with great qualifications, fully insured and licensed! We are also trading from Mondays to Saturdays from 7 am to 7 pm so that we can spend more of our attention to our valuable customers and have a long-lasting relationship with you as we do believe that providing you with the best customer service experience will help us achieve success. We want you to achieve that awning innovation you have been craving for how long.


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