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Retractable Awnings & Outdoor Awnings Sydney Installer

As featured on The Block on Channel 9, Aluminium opening roofs are the next big thing. Fully automatic, you control the weather, you want more light open them up, it starts to rain you close them. Retractable awnings are a great investment. We have the latest designs and trends to turn your property into an oasis.

Don’t let the harsh Aussie sun take over your home. Make the most out of your living areas & keep that harsh sun at bay with Solarguard’s wide range of outdoor awnings, which are ideal for Australian weather.

Take advantage of your outdoor living space with stylish patio awnings and pergola solutions built for all-year use. Get the exact look you desire via our wide variety of colors. You don’t have to put up any longer with the glare and heat! Protect yourself from the rain and wind with our awning patio solutions!

Choose from our stylish metal patio solutions and achieve a new and exciting entertainment area, with which you can enjoy your stay with family members and close friends. Stay cool & protected from the Aussie sun with our awnings.

Solarguard Awnings has the widest variety of patio and pergola systems in the industry, handled by our highly experienced and skilled contractors. Rest assured that this investment will be worthwhile for your family and property!

Solarguard Awnings & Sheds don’t just offer high-quality metal patio awnings per your specific taste, but we also ensure competitive pricing for any budget. Contemporary or traditional, simple or lavish, Solarguard Sydney can provide just what you’ve been searching for. Regardless of what you need, whether it is a new gate, fence, privacy screen, deck, outdoor entertainment area or anything else, we’ll take care of everything – from start to end!

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Flat Roofs

An affordable and practical way to cover an entry way and outdoor area. Available in aluminium and colorbond with translucent roofing options to let natural light into living areas. High gloss underside flat style roofing also gives off ambient light.

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Gable & Dome Roofs

Choose between a traditional gable roof or a dutch gable roof with the versatility to combine with other designs. If you need the headroom for the outdoor area or for your boat or car this is an ideal option.

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Retractable Awnings

This weatherproof option with a one touch remote keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. This is the ultimate in design and technology of outdoor roofs, you can’t go pass the versatile electric awnings.

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Sheds, Decks, Screens & Gates

Get the complete package, with the choice of timber and steel framed decking options. Want a bit more privacy? Then privacy screens in slats or colorbond simple solution. Keep your family and property safe with a number of fencing and gate designs.

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Custom Built Retractable Awnings & Outdoor Awnings in Sydney!

Solarguard has got you covered with a wide range of highly-durable and incredibly design shading systems for outdoors, with which you can make the absolute most of the outdoor area.

We bring together the best in functionality, design and architectural style with over a decade of experience in awnings innovation and technical research. Solarguard awnings Sydney can provide the perfect solution to protecting your outdoor space, thanks to the world’s best textiles and mechanisms.

The complete range of Solarguard products is designed & manufactured in the best of taste and most stringent of top-quality standards. This makes sure that only the top outdoor awnings are made available to our discerning clients throughout Sydney.

Solarguard Awnings – Years of Wide Success

Solarguard Awnings in Sydney has been in the outdoor shade business for over 10 years. These many years of vast experience provide our team a wealth of skills, knowledge, longevity and truthfulness via a professional and honest approach to every single project.

We have built many custom awnings for different applications such as car ports, pergolas, pool shade solutions, etc…

We don’t just help you during the purchase process, but we are always available post-purchase if any questions or problems arise. Unlike other companies, we want you to enjoy our services so that we earn your loyalty, thus you’ll keep coming back for more. All of our services have a guarantee period and we’ll be at your doorstep if any crucial issue comes about. You will keep our number and stay in touch with us as much as you like, as we’ll love to let you know our styles.

Are you in urgent need of shade? Want to make the absolute most of your property’s outdoors? Want to properly protect your valuable interiors from the hard Aussie sun? These are needs that Solarguard Awnings & Sheds has the solutions to. With a wide collection of solutions, you can be confident that we will product the ultimate shade solution for your residential or commercial property.

All engineered, designed and fabricated in the highest of levels, Solarguard Awnings are leading the market for a reason. We possess the ideal solution for tough Australian conditions, regardless of whether your property is highly exposed to natural environment or is on the coast. With a wide network of distributors, Solarguard Sydney is ready to bring forward the top awning solutions for your property. Just take a quick look at our awnings collection and you’ll surely get inspired.

If you’re finally looking into your next renovation investment for your new or existing property, then Solarguard Awnings can help.

Contact us via our website or our phone line with no-obligation quote on 0438 367 727

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