Ensure Your Privacy With Quality Driveway Gates

When it comes to effectively protecting your property and its members, its much better to be safe than sorry. Currently, properties have various options when it comes to protecting their residential or commercial space, with everything from sophisticated alarm systems to different types of fences. When creating your new home security plan, always remember that the foremost security begins with the entry point to your property, which is usually your driveway. Driveway gates in Sydney are a great way to effectively protect your home from various elements.

Driveway gates possess the ability to set your residential property apart from others, providing for an additional level of grace to the feel and look of your home and providing better usable space, welcoming individuals into your residence or business, while also deterring unwanted guests.

At Solarguard Awnings, we can manufacture manual or automatic driveway gates, which can be powder coated in many colors. All of our reliable driveway gates in Parramatta are custom created to order with great quality control and attention to detail, supported by skilled workmanship and installed by experienced installers.

Driveway gates are constantly evolving in technology and techniques, which is why we strive to meet the highest standards to ensure the top products and highest degree of security. Our primary principle believes that our thriving success is due to prioritising our clients’ requirements and providing the best quality results.

The various benefits our gates provide

So why do you need a gate? This is one of the most common questions involved with gate installations. If you’re answer is a simple “I don’t want drivers to turn around in my driveway”, then let us give you a bit more food for thought.
Some of the advantages of possessing driveway gates, whether manual or automatic, are:

  • Security
  • Safety for children & pets
  • Increased property value
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Privacy


Driveway gates have always been regarded as the ideal initial layer of home security. The majority of thefts are crimes that arise from opportunity. When your home has an effective security gate but your neighbor’s doesn’t, what house do you believe the thief will attempt to target? You’re right – not yours!

Child Safety

Our sheds deck screens and gates can help keep your children safe from predators or traffic. With a manual or automatic security gate from Solarguard Awnings, you gain a bigger sense of safety when your children are playing in the back yard, comfortably knowing that they won’t be able to chase balls out into the road or deal with dangerous strangers.

Pet Safety

Together with perimeter fencing, our gates for driveways help protect your loved pets within your property’s boundaries, something that your neighbours will likely appreciate. Furthermore, these gates help to keep dangerous animals out of your property.

Curb Appeal

A driveway gate may substantially improve your property’s curb appeal. Your gate may be designed in a creative way and can make a strong statement and offer an attractive grand entrance to your home.

Increased Property Value

This benefit is quite straight forward. The curb appeal increases the property value and makes it much easier to quickly sell your invested home. It’s probably not a huge leap to mention that the residence down the road with the dying shrubbery, cracked driveway and no gate, will probably sell for thousands less than your property.


Many insurance carrers provide a nice break on premiums if you possess a strong security gate in your driveway. This is due to the fact that insurers know that your property is far more safe and secure and than it has less chances of becoming victim of theft.


Rather not deal with those pushy solicitors? You can effectively stop them before they ever arrive to your door. If your home possesses a driveway gate, then those salesmen won’t have the ability to knock on your door and disturb you. In addition, if you reside on a busy street, then a driveway gate can help you enjoy those nice evenings on your porch without any prying eyes of the passersby.

Keep in mind that our driveway gates in Campbelltown are not just extremely functional, but very eye-pleasing as well. We provide you the option of powder coating your driveway gates in Castle Hill in various colors. Your custom-made driveway gate will catch the eyes of all of your neighbours!

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